Business Accelerator Pack

TriVita would like to be your trusted partner in a wealth and wellness opportunity that can help you achieve your financial goals. TriVita’s extensive marketing program keeps our members active and engages new customers through proven direct response programs. We’ve acquired over 3 million customers through such programs that have been featured on major networks including:

In 1999, well-known and highly respected TV personality James Robison helped launch TriVita’s first television program. That partnership resulted in 2 million new customers. Now James is back on TV promoting TriVita’s breakthrough product, MyoHealth.

Grow with the Business Accelerator Pack Get started with the Business Accelerator Pack and build your own profitable business! The Business Accelerator Pack provides you with the tools necessary to experience the power of MyoHealth and share it with others.

The Business Accelerator Pack includes:

  • 8 containers of MyoHealth Lemonade Powder
  • 1 MyoHealth branded shaker bottle
  • 1 MyoHealth usage brochure
  • 1 MyoHealth Special Edition catalog
  • 10 MyoHealth ITBO sales brochures
  • 10 copies of The Building Blocks of Life by Dr. Robert Wolfe
  • 1 copy of The Keys to Wealth and Wellness by Michael Ellison
  • 14 Co-Op media contacts
  • 12 months of Back Office access
  • 90 days of compensation qualifications
  • 6300 Vitapoints equals to $63 off future orders
  • Free Shipping
Price: $1,599.00
Now is the best time to grow your business with Co-Op media advertising and MyoHealth.