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Become an Independent TriVita Business Owner today!

At TriVita, we believe good health and vitality is the foundation to living life to its fullest, and that people should have the financial resources necessary to enjoy a life of abundance.

That’s why we’ve made it our mission to help people create wealth and wellness and fulfill their God-given potential. Our nutritional science-based products and referral income opportunity has proven widely successful for people who don’t want to settle for the status quo.

So Dare to Dream Big! Accept this invitation to join our community and start making your dreams come true!

Our story

TriVita founder Michael Ellison started our company to create high-quality products that address lifestyle concerns, and in turn provide people with the opportunity to shape health and wealth.

Our community of TriVita wellness seekers is driven by three core values:

  • We embrace and promote wellness for purpose
  • We believe and seek wealth abundance
  • We dare to dream big
Watch this video to hear a special message from TriVita founder Michael Ellison

Unlimited Opportunity and Support

As an Independent TriVita Business Owner (ITBO) you receive everything you need to help you achieve your dreams.

A Powerful Compensation Plan that supports everyone from new ITBOs to fulltime entrepreneurs.

  • Weekly First Sale Bonuses
  • Monthly Residual Commissions
  • Generous Leadership Bonuses
  • Personal Development Incentives
Compensation Plan

Professional cutting-edge business building tools make growing your business simple if you’re ready to roll up your sleeves and go to work.

  • Digital sharing tools you can post, send and link
  • A state of the art back-office you can use to manage your business anytime anywhere
  • Training and support tutorials to help you get started
  • Livestream events to keep you abreast of the latest developments
  • Free business support services when you need some help

Corporate sales and marketing support to keep your business thriving.

  • Company product catalogs, post cards and email campaigns sent to your customers to ensure they remain active and loyal
  • National TV, radio and print ads to create brand exposure and give you added credibility when prospecting
  • Co-op advertising opportunities also exist for business builders who want to take it to the next level